Teams installation problem installing teams on pc

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every time i tried to install teams...squirrelsetup always pop-up...

I already tried to remove everything in the file Microsoft in both appdata

and localappdata but it still doesnt work

my web teams doenst work either...i cannot see the screen shared by others and i have no idea how to fix them...

 How come Microsoft such a big and 'pro' company cannot make their software perfect to the customers...Bugsoft...

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Hi @bublubublu

1.) What is your experience like on another machine?
2.) Is it Teams Free or the Business Version of Teams you are using?
3.) Is this your personal machine, or your work machine owned by your organisation?
4.) How about on mobile with the Teams Mobile App?
5.) What version of Windows are you using? Is it up to date?
6.) Are you using Edge or Chrome (latest versions) for the web because they are recommended and should work
7.) Anything preventing you installing on your own machine?

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

1) My ac works on my brother's pc

2) The version I downloaded from

3)Its my personal machine

4)everything is all right on my phone

5)Windows 10 Home Ver. 21H1

6)I use Chrome, it should be newest 

7)nah just that squirrel log


1. restart your computer.
2. cut the downloaded app from downloads and paste it on desktop.
3. right click and click on run as administrator.
4. when it asks for permissions click yes.
Any success?

@bublubublu Can you provide the setup log?

@Thorbjørn Værp 


sorry abt the late reply