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I'm working remotely from home, and have had to install teams on my computer.


When I sign in, I select my personal account attached to the email address, and type my password. Teams then presents me with a drop down to select my work ORG, I select this, and it tells me "We're switching to your other account". Then I just get in an infinite loop doing the same over and over again.


I have logged in online with the exact same credentials and it works perfectly.


Please can anyone urgently help me.







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Hi @dylanlogan

Sign out (top right in the picture), Close teams, kill the program and all running background processes via the Task Manager

Clear the cache

Then fire up Teams, login with your account.

Let me know if that works

Best, Chris

Hi Chris, This hasn't worked sadly, I cleared all my cache etc. Still the same problem.
Maybe try to clear your crendentials manager, see step 3 in
Also, try this

Sign out of Teams, go to Windows settings (cog) > Accounts > Email and Accounts and Access Work or School and ensure that only the account that you are using to sign into Teams is here. If, for example there are multiple ones with the same email address this could be causing the conflict. Remove all others.

Let me know

Best, Chris
Hi Chris,

I have no access work or school accounts connected.
Ok, if no work or school accounts connected flush the credentials manager

Log out from teams kill all processes. Window Search > Search for Windows Credentials > Windows Credentials > Remove everyting with a line msteams_

Let me know how that goes

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


I have no credential for this? Unless I'm blind..




Ok, I need to ask a few questions

1.) The account you are logging in with - that is a personal account (I.e. hotmail, gmail etc)
2.) It gives you the option to switch to your work org, what happens if you don't switch to the work org and just continue?
3.) You don't sign into the work org (CD) with any different credentials (a works domain and username)

If you are prepared to remove all credentials in the screen shot, I would attempt that and try to log in again.

Best, Chris

1) It's a work domain but weirdly hotmail allows you to split it into two accounts, so theres a personal section and a work section. I created my Teams account with the personal side, and can log in to the teams online app using this.

2) It doesn't really give me an option to switch, it just shows a drop-down, pre-selected to 'CD' with only one 'CD' option. I'll try that now.

3) Have my previous statements answered this?

I have never messed around with windows creds, what effect would this actually have? I.e what are they used for.
On a side note, I managed to get it working yesterday by some how glitching out the login page, and it brought up the default Microsoft login portal in my teams app, the one with the cool background. I signed in through there and it miraculously worked. No idea how I got there though.
This may be the issue

1) It's a work domain but weirdly hotmail allows you to split it into two accounts, so theres a personal section and a work section. I created my Teams account with the personal side, and can log in to the teams online app using this.

Can you change it in hotmail so that your personal login and work login are different. This may be where Teams is getting confused. I've seen a load of people have issues where they set this to be the same and try to login to the Office 365 portal (

Best, Chris



Does the following image not mean that they're already split?




Ah yes - can I ask, are they both the same email address? (Don't send a screenshot?

If so, log into and change the login of your personal account to something other than the work one. Come back to this screen so that only one of these show. If that works, try logging into Teams then with the work one.

Let me know

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 


That sounds like it could work. However when I go into my account aliases, there is only one.


Meaning if I changed my email, I think it'd do it for both of them.




Okay so quick update.

When logging in to teams, and being presented with the two options for account selection. If I click the change personal account email thingy, then close the popup down, it'll send me to the Microsoft login within teams, then I can login.

Very weird...
Your work account should be set up by your business (CD) in Office 365 which is what it's referring to in that login screenshot. You changing the Microsoft Account won't change that, so what I recommend in this situation is changing that username to login to your personal account to something else. Once done, clear the browser history, clear the Microsoft Account details in credential manager, then this should resolve it.

Best, Chris

I updated MacOS Catalina 10.15.6 and had this issue. This one worked:

1) I delected the contents of the Cache folder here:

~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Cache

2) Signed out explicitly of Teams (despite being asked to sign in again and again)

3) Reinstalled Teams for Mac explicitly

4) Signed in again (before being greeted with full MS login page within Teams)


Hope this helps.


Only Microsoft IT / engineers would design something so buggy.
Then tell you to fix it yourself.

What helped my situation which was similar to yours, I am on a domain and domain admin. 

Windows 7 Box


1: Uninstall Teams. Restart the box.

2: Go to

3: Login

4: Download the most recent Teams executable that is compatible with your pc. 

5: Teams should be installed by the person using it (luckily the user was a manager and had rights). @dylanlogan 


My issue was I installed teams under my name and the shortcut was pointing to my user locations..