Teams for linux, arm32 arch support

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As the Subject suggests, is there a possibility to get a arm 32 bit .deb packet built of the linux version of Teams application?


Thank you, BR

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Hi @blazplaskan,

I have opened a uservoice for you here

Would recommend you vote and get others to vote to push this up the agenda. A definite worthwhile add for Linux users.

Hope this answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher HoardIs there also a 32 bit Intel version of the Linux desktop app?

Not as far as I know. I would raise a uservoice for it through the link above

@Christopher Hoard 


Kindly request you provide MS teams to support Intel 32-bit laptop with Ubuntu 16 LTS. It is a must for kinds online classes due to Corona crisis. Request you to come up as soon as possible. If already available, please share the details.


Thank you!




@blazplaskan, i need too this version. I use Raspberry PI 4 4gb de ram, i agree with you