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I have a question about Teams for Android Auto. Is this ever going to be updated into something useful?  Currently it doesn't do anything other then attempt to display messages received. This sole "feature" does not even work. I get messages on my laptop and my phone but nothing comes through AA.  There is no ability to take a call through the AA system nor is there an ability to join calls through it. 


I fully understand there are limits for a car based system due to safety concerns, but this the current product is currently half-baked and broken.  Is there anything on the road map to improve the app?


I've tried all the usual recommendations of updating, clear cache, reinstalling etc.  My phone is a S22 Ultra and I have the most up to date Teams and Android Auto Apps. Can someone please shed some light on this?



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Hi @someguy23  The roadmap is updated on a regular basis so you can keep track of product improvements scheduled here: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365


As for your tech support issue, if this community can't help, you might want to seek assistance at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved



Thank you for that link.  I didn't notice any reference to Android Auto, I assume this is something that will not be updated in the near future.

@someguy23, thanks for asking about this. The low hanging fruit IMO is deploying the ability to make a call to a teams contact through integration with google voice assistant. Until then, one will resort to making standard calls while on the road.


@Therese_Solimeno, any updates since this reply? There is still no mentions of android auto on the roadmap. 

Hi @someguy23 


I am having the same Problems with S22 Ultra. I can call people using my Phone but if someone calls me via teams i am getting no notification on my screen. I can answear the call via my phone. Really frustrating. Hope they will fix this fast...

My company uses Teams Calling. Not having Android Auto is a huge safety problem because we get all our business phone calls through the Teams app. How is it that the app doesn't use the native call handling features in Android Auto? Isn't this a requirement from Google to ensure that all calling can be done safely when someone is using Android Auto?

Like the other commenters, I am shocked that this isn't a feature on the roadmap given its impact on safety. The Teams Calling Plan isn't a complete phone-replacement solution until this is addressed.

Yes. I cant belive this still is not working propably. Not even in Spotify you can fast forward or rewind Music or Podcasts... With Apple Car Play you can do this easy... i asked google and Spotify for thst missing feature. My request was closed because there is no need btw. Not enough upvotes to my post..... back to the 90s...@eyesonthestreet 

Just throwing this in, I need this feature as well. I also have problems where sometimes when I plug my phone in it kills the microphone on both my phone and the car and it is only When I am an active team's call that it doesn't. Really need integrated calling and conferencing with teams on android auto



Same here: we are an enterprise Microsoft customer with more than 10k users on teams and we need the support for Android auto asap, it is a safety problem! How could MS ignore this...


Same issue here, when we have to take our eyes off the road and receive calls since office and work depends on it.

Is MS waiting for a major push from anywhere?

This feature is not revenue generating - since corporates have purchased the product and push it to employees. Is the safety of the users of least concern to Microsoft?

The company I worked for and hold in high esteem has to take full responsibility and implement safe call receiving.


Same here. Teams on AA only gives a message telling me that no new messages have arrived since my trip started. 


Please get teams working with AA

Still no changes for me in AA. Cant answear Calls on AA and no notifications about new Messages. Cant belive MS and Google are such Dickheads not getting a security relvant feature working in 2022. Tomorrow i will write an Email to google Developers. Maybe they answear me... this is more than frustrating...@someguy23 

I invite all to go upvote this post which should get more attention from MS.

@jbriere87 The bad thins is that Teams DID WORK months ago and then stopped!

@someguy23 I can't believe yesterday it worked again!! I got messages from my chats! It seems all I needed was writing a message here, after months that it hasn't worked!!! :lol:


following up from my previous, because we found a solution that could be useful for some in the community...


we have corporate and BYOD android devices managed with MS intune, this splits the private and the work profile in android for privacy reasons.


We discovered that in order to get Teams to work again with android auto we have to deploy android auto also in the work profile. Once done this, a flag appears in android auto configuration that says "allow android auto to access work profile" setting this will re-establish teams functionalities...


We didn't find documentation of this anywhere in MS technet is just the result of my experience.

Yes, I recently switched that toggle (again), that must be the trick!
I said again because I'm sure I've been having that set to on for months and Teams didn't work. I found that set to off some days ago.

Hello @Therese_Solimeno,


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Microsoft provided an answer that shows up blank (see below.) Can you help us confirmation this is being looked into? Thank you so much!