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I have a question about Teams for Android Auto. Is this ever going to be updated into something useful?  Currently it doesn't do anything other then attempt to display messages received. This sole "feature" does not even work. I get messages on my laptop and my phone but nothing comes through AA.  There is no ability to take a call through the AA system nor is there an ability to join calls through it. 


I fully understand there are limits for a car based system due to safety concerns, but this the current product is currently half-baked and broken.  Is there anything on the road map to improve the app?


I've tried all the usual recommendations of updating, clear cache, reinstalling etc.  My phone is a S22 Ultra and I have the most up to date Teams and Android Auto Apps. Can someone please shed some light on this?



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Hi @someguy23  The roadmap is updated on a regular basis so you can keep track of product improvements scheduled here: Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365


As for your tech support issue, if this community can't help, you might want to seek assistance at, where there are authorized Microsoft agents available to further troubleshoot with you until your issue is resolved



Thank you for that link.  I didn't notice any reference to Android Auto, I assume this is something that will not be updated in the near future.