Teams extremely slow

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Teams has suddenly become extremely slow. For example, chat replies take forever to be sent to the recipients. I'm not the only one affected, my workmates are also. Even someone else in a different organization reported the same behavior. Sounds like some kind of issue on Microsoft's servers.

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@MagaliHeroux This is happening to me and killing my productivity. Im on a mac and have been using teams for years and never have had this issue. all of a sudden its basically unusable. I have researched and followed all tips and even uninstalled and reinstalled. I am hoping someone here has a fix soon! 

@AMLumina Your issue must be different from what we had over here, since ours has resolved itself by the next day. I had tried reinstalling when it was happening and that wasn't fixing it... I'm guessing there was something going on at the server level causing this. Not an issue for us now.

I just switched back to classic after a week of not being able to send and receive messages without a long lag.. seems to be working better.. I guess Ill just stay on classic for a while until this hopefully resolves itself.