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i already get notifications from outlook when i have a meeting. how do i disable the same notification in teams, as i get two banners per meeting (one from outlook, one from teams)

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Hi @mirth12

In the Teams client, click on your user picture > settings > notifications. At the bottom there are the meetings notifications. Set them to off.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

hi@Christopher Hoard 

is there a way to do this the other way? i.e. block push notifications on outlook when a teams meeting is created/due thanks!

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You could always - let's say your using an IPhone - go into settings, the Outlook and Teams apps and then block notifications if you don't like them. In Outlook on the desktop, go to File > Options > you can turn off all notifications there.

However, you can't as far as I am aware, specifically block Teams meeting notifications - the best way would be as above and prevent Teams sending out those meeting notifications

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard  Just looking for an update on this, because the options presented to me don't appear the same as you mentioned. I wonder if updates have changed things over the last few months. 


When I add items to my Outlook calendar with a reminder, I don't want dual reminders for those items in both Teams and Outlook. I would rather just have the Outlook reminders. Can I disable these in Teams? 

Hi @RickGale, please find info about how to change your Teams notifications at the Microsoft Teams Help & Learning pages, there you will find the latest updates: Notifications and settings - Office Support (


In Teams Setting (Found when you click your own image in Teams top right corner) you can change all types of Teams notifications. 

Just chiming in - either this has been implemented in a way I can't comprehend or it's broken. I have repeatedly gone into settings and have disabled notifications for "Meeting start reminders" and then you have scroll into hidden part of the window (no scrollbar visible, no indication there is actually a whole other part of the screen) and I have set the "meeting reminders" to "none." I still get reminded by Teams about my meetings.

So I have disabled Teams notifications in iOS. Will check back in some months to see if this is fixed, I can't be bothered otherwise.

that setting does not exisit
I just miss client meetings because there's no way to GET notifications for non-teams meetings. Not because it's impossible, it's actually really easy to implement with the same machine learning iOS and Android do, it's just either lazy programming or MS attempting to force us to use Teams.
There isn't a Meeting Notification category to select. It is very irritating to get meeting notifications in Teams at 15 minute and 5 minute intervals when I get them in Outlook. I only want the meeting notifications turned off. Message notifications need to stay on.