Teams DesktopApp stuck loading

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we currently have a problem that the teams desktop app stops in the first loading screen and does not open. We have this behavior on Windows 11 clients that log in via Windows Hello. Here you can reinstall the app or the user logs in with a username and password. Has anyone here had a similar experience? We can't always offer workarounds, we have to get to the heart of the problem.

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I've exactly the same isssue.  Yesterday I  received  securirty updates  and since that time Teams is stuck on loading. I'm also using windows hello. 


Same issue here with multiple computers that are Windows 11 with Teams We can uninstall and reinstall it then works until a reboot of the workstation.

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So the fix we are now using. Set compatibility of Teams to Windows 8. get logged in nad then turn off Compatibility and so far Teams has stayed working.