Teams Crashing on Mac OS Catalina Public Beta

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Anyone else noticing Teams crashing on Mac Catalina Public Beta? I noticed one other person post about the same behavior I'm seeing.

Loads for a bit and starts to show the screen, but then goes white and crashes, then tries to restart itself again. Curious if it's an OS or Teams issue, and how to get updates if Teams doesn't start.

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Hi @mitch80132, that didn't work for me unfortunately - still in the crash after launch loop. Oddly Teams was working fine until this morning. However, I didn't realise MS has launched Edge on Mac (so thanks for that!!) -  it didn't prompt me about 3rd party cookies but the good news is that Teams Web App works fine on this Edge browser so at least I am back working (as on Chrome for Mac I was getting an error saying I could not make calls and needed to use a browser like Edge or... Chrome!!!).


Looking back at this thread, I cannot see the problem with posting about this issue here... we are a community just helping each other after all... As a Mac user for years, I've typically taken the beta OS and barring a few glitches, been ok. This time I feel there is a significant rewrite of the OS code and security framework and it has pretty much disabled my machine - not just Office apps but even Apple ones are crashing all the time. It's so bad I am going to roll-back. So I agree this is not a MS problem, but hey, it does no harm to post here - at least I know others are having the same problem as me and it may stop other users with Macs+Office doing the same dumb thing as me and upgrading to a beta load when they use it as their main machine - Doh!

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On my machine I have isolated it down to being when a USB headset is plugged in or not plugged in.



Excellent work!

I’ve confirmed that’s the issue I’m having as well. Within seconds of plugging in my USB connector to my Plantronics headset, the white screen shows up and Teams crashes.

Confirmed the same. Sennheiser headset. @zigford 

@andre-robitaille I just read your post as I was having the exact same issue, pulled the plug on my Plantronics Headset and BOOM! Teams is running again. That is absolutely insane!

I publed the plug on my Sennheiser headset and everything is working fine.......very interesting

@michaelwblackotf and all, I would like to also confirm that I'm experiencing the same issue. I'm using a Plantronics Blackwire C320 with the latest version of the firmware.

@andre-robitaille so this was happening to be even on mojave - Removed headset - fixed!!!

@zigford The latest version of teams for Mac fixed the USB headset issue for me.  I'm running version 1.00.221868 and no problems with my Jabra USB headset.  On the previous version of teams, it crashed every time I plugged the headset it.

Just a heads-up, we do encourage people to post about their issues, bugs and questions here. It's not the most constructive feedback to just say someone's issue isn't valid. Thanks.