Teams Classic Mac not showing which team a user is in...

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Just added a new employee. Everything works fine in 365 Mac, but Teams Classic isn't. 


Usually, a user just needs to click on the Teams icon and they'll see what they're a member of. 


However, this user doesn't see that. She sees this instead:


I have never seen this before.


I can't find anything about this online. 


Anyone else see this?

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@RobMadison1 This looks like the education version of teams. it should be possible to switch to list view but. main thing is it is not working have you also checked in the browser?



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Have not checked out the browser version of teams. I'll give it a look.
This is now happening to two users. Had one try using the browser version of Teams and all looks normal. The problem seems to be related to the Teams app. I have verified that we are running on the latest version.