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I am coming to Microsoft from Google and cannot figure out how to use Microsoft Teams within the Outlook inbox. With Gmail, everything is located within the same page, the emails and the hangouts conversations are within the same page. On Outlook, it seems that teams must be done from a completely separate tab or from the desktop app. Is this true? This seems to be a huge advantage that Gmail has as it is much better to have everything within the same screen/page than being forced to navigate away from your emails in order to send or respond to a chat. Am I missing something here?


There is a sidebar on outlook on the far right side of the screen that shows one note feed and meetings, but when I click the teams button it opens a completely separate tab instead of just showing it on the sidebar...


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There's no Teams integration with Outlook except from the meetings add-in and that the chat icons opens the Teams client.
In order to chat you need to have either the desktop or webclient/mobile client