Teams causing Surface pros to hang

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Hi Everyone 


I was wondering if anyone has had the same error, we are experiencing issues with Teams on surface pro's 4's to 7's .

The issue is when running a teams video call the surface pro's effectively lock up and become unusable.

We do not get this issue with our standard laptops or desktop machines.


If anyone has any suggestions I would be very greatfull

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I am seeing similiar issue with Surface Pro 6


When waiting for meeting to start no issues but as soon as someone enters room the camera freezes and then goes black. Issue is only with desktop application though, no issues using the web app.

@andrew45 I am having the same issue: Surface Pro 5. 

Start up video, performance stops. When I have task manager running, shows low CPU/GPU/Memory. 

All the latest firmware fixes are applied.

@MarkHodgkiss Is there any new information? I have the same problem with my surface.


All Updates are installed 

@Martin Alter 


Microsoft are aware of the issues and are looking to resolve the issues . Thats as far as i understand but as of yet my users are still experiencing the issue.

The CPU gets stuck at 0.8Ghz and gets heated up quick.
I use the surface dock with external monitor. I had serious performance issue in my surface pro 5, hence I bought a new surface pro 7, but sadly teams still locks my surface processor at ~0.8ghz and I'm unable to work with teams. This also happened to my friends using surface with a dock. Is there a solution Microsoft? It does not happen to my HP x360 which has an older processor. Can anyone tell me what's going on?