Teams causes bluetooth keyboard to become laggy on macOS

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After receiving a call using a bluetooth headset (Boss QC-35II) typing on a bluetooth keyboard (apple) becomes incredibly laggy. This continues even after the call has ended. Closing teams restores the keyboard to its prior behaviour. This may correlate that teams appears to use very large amounts of CPU after this happens.


This behaviour does not appear to happen when using teams in google chrome, I also do not have it when any other audio is playing.


I would use chrome permanently but I miss the desktop notifications.

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I have the same problem.

I am using a Mac also and consistently have issues with my bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth pointing devices (Apple touchpad and Logi mouse) being extremely laggy during any Teams meeting. Issue stops as soon as the meeting is over.


this is an old thread but it seems the issue still happens.




Tips to Fix Keyboard Lag in Microsoft Teams
Close Background Apps Using High Memory. As mentioned above, background running Apps and processes can sometimes lead to High RAM and CPU Usage on the computer.
Turn OFF Read Receipts.
Use Ethernet Connection.
Turn OFF Video.
Clear Teams Cache.
Reinstall Microsoft Teams.

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