Teams Calls not ringing to Cellphone

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Recently, the inbound calls to the Teams number quit ringing on iOS (13.4 and 13.4.1), for three of our iPhones.  Is this happening for anyone else? 


I don't recall when this started.  It may have started when the device upgraded to 13.4?  The call rings to to the PC.  One can park the call, then pick it up on the Teams Cell App.  One can make outgoing calls. 


Notifications \ are ON,

Notifications \ incoming calls \ set to ON,

Notifications \ Receive notifications \ set to ALWAYS. 

I removed the Teams app, rebooted the phone, installed the app.  The teams app is at version 2.0.6, calling version 2020.06.01.7.  

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And magically, after several hours of posting this, things started working again.  Hmmm. 

@Paul Beiler Have you experienced this issue again? I am experiencing it now and are trying to find out how to fix it.

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Signing out of the Teams app and back in again solved the issue. Only thing I can think about that has changed is that I changed my password a few days ago. Perhaps something in the integration between Teams app and the call feature in ios that is failing?

Logging out of teams on the device and logging back in again, resolved this on the multiple devices, multiple IDs. This was not happening on all IDs, just a few.

@Paul Beiler 
Strange thing: after logging of and on again. Call signalization works again.

@Paul Beiler

signed out on mobile device then logged on.  Teams now rings on my laptop and my mobile device. 

Curious if anyone is continuing to experience this. Logging out and back in has not changed the outcome. If I am running Teams on the Desktop and the iPhone it only rings the desktop. Would really like to be able to get it to default to the cell. Other Microsoft Tech Comm posts recommend changes to the Settings on the phone that do not even exist.



I'm experiencing the same problem. It seems to be hit or miss on my iPhone. Sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesn't.

I think I may have figured out my problem. Maybe this will help someone else. In iPhone Teams Notifications settings, there were days set in my "Quiet Time" section that were selected. I turned off Quiet Days. Not sure when or how that happened though.