Teams Call Queue - transfer call, recipient cannot hear caller

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We have Teams call queues set up.  An external caller dials the queue.  One of four people in the queue answers the call on their Yealink MP56 or T55 phone.  They then transfer the external caller by choosing a named user in Teams from the phones interface for searching Teams users.  


When the Teams user receiving the call answers...about 50% of the time, that user, and the original caller, cannot hear each other.  The call shows as connected, but there is 'dead air'.  


Anyone else experience something like this?


Thank you.

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Hello @Scott_S920   I have seen older posts that talk about delays using Yealink and Teams, but not about the inability to hear.

@Christopher Hoard and @adam deltinger  - can you offer any assistance here?

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1. Ensure conference mode is on the call queue:
2. If it is, use consultative transfer
3. Ensure the firmware is updated on the phones (use configuration profiles in the TAC if required) and recommended to use a wired connection
4. Ensure the phones are Teams Certified (assume they are)

If you do all of the above and you still have issues, raise a ticket to support as this would need to be looked into. Considering it's multi-device sounds like that's Microsoft's end

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

Thank you for the reply Chris.

Conference mode is "on". All our Yealink phones are connected via wired ethernet cable, static IP address assignment.

Often, when a call is transferred, the person who is going to receive the call is known to be out of office, and it is a transfer just to allow the caller to leave a voicemail. Consult, then transfer, we can do, but not always due to this.

Firmware is up to date, all of our Yealink devices show as latest firmware and Teams app "Up to date" also in the Teams Admin Center.

I'll take the opening a ticket route! Thanks again for the reply.

Is this using Direct Routing? Do you see the same issue with users answering calls in Teams not using a Yealink device? I've seen similar issues impacting all of Teams with putting calls on hold/transfer, and Direct Routing is involved, and it is often the result of a misconfiguration or firewall issue with the media ports and the SBC.