Teams call performance poor

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I work for a company that has many users around UK. With the lockdown many users are working from home. We all use Teams to make calls, have meetings etc. When doing so from home, its fine.


But when someone calls from the office it can be quite laggy. We've looked quite deeply into the network and Firewall settings and made changes to try and improve this, even had all Teams traffic moved from corporate to an internet only WAN link. But the problem still persists.


If anyone has had any similar issues, what would be the next place to investigate further ? If we generate Diagnostic Logs, would this contain information on network issue ?


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Hi, have you tried using the Network Testing Companion at all? Take a look here if not -

Other than that, you could also try Implementing QoS to see if it improves things for you. Take a look here -

Sorry if you have tried these things already.