Teams Call Flows

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Hey Guys, 


First post here so please let me know if I've done anything wrong or missed anything out.


The scenario I have, is the organisation has Teams calling, with all the relevant dial plans, I have full admin access to the tenant.


They need a call to come into the Admin Phone Line, then if unanswered after x seconds, overflow to a second user phone line, then again if unanswered after x seconds, forward to the Admin Phone Lines voicemail.


The closest I can find is in the end user settings for the Teams client, "Calls ring me", "Also ring second user", "if unanswered voicemail".


Any advice or suggestions welcome.




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@MichaelMcCleary Can you move things around and use a call queue with serial routing ? Th call queue would have the 'admin number' and would look to see if it can ring on the two users one after another. Then if neither are available or answer after a few seconds you can divert to voicemail.