Teams Button on new Microsoft Modern Speaker and Modern Bluetooth Headset Stopped Working


I have the new Microsoft Modern Speaker and Modern Bluetooth headset for Teams. Recently the "Teams" button stopped working on both. If I understand how it's supposed to work when I press it while Teams isn't running it should start Teams, if Teams is running it should bring the application into focus (bring it into the foreground) and if it's running and a meeting starts it should flash and when pressed should join the meeting.


Pressing it now just causes it to blink and do nothing. Is anyone else having this issue? I am running Windows 10 and 11 (has the same issue whether it is on either OS version).

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This is so frustrating that the button does not work correctly in all Teams environments. Different versions of Teams allow the Phone button to work. Recently my company upgraded teams to allow direct dial with a phone number and now the phone button works both to answer Teams call , Phone calls and end the events. @Alvin_Wong 

I know this thread is pretty much dead but thought I would see if anyone ever had any luck getting the Microsoft Modern USB-C Teams speaker working with all functionality on Teams for Friends and Family. It has been a year now and they never fixed it. I also just bought one of the Elgato Stream Decks which had a plugin for Teams. It worked for just short of two days and Microsoft pulled it. This company has zero loyalty to anything except constant cash revenue from half-baked products. Sad but they were once a good company.... :(

as of today, the buttons still work on my teams account. It's frustrating for sure.

Thanks for sharing my friend, definitely frustrating....