Teams Bug - Limits Internet Bandwidth

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I've been having issues with internet throughput. My line is 1Gbps, but recently, I can't get it to go over 300-400 Mbps.

After a lot of troubleshooting with my network, ISP, devices, cables etc., I found the issue to be Microsoft Teams.

When Teams is open (which it is all the time), my internet connectivity will not go above 300-400Mbps; however, as soon as Teams is closed, I get my full 1Gbps. See attached screenshots.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I am running Teams for work version (64-bit).

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Teams will not change your internet speed to change.
Teams may add some load to your computer that may make some internet testing incorrect.

But why are you worrying about it? There's not really anything that you can do on the internet that will use all that bandwidth.

There are many companies with a GB connection and 100+ users that are all extremely happy with their internet connection speed

@Ed Woodrick 


Teams is 100% the root cause and throttling my internet connectivity. 

I don’t need to justify why I require 1Gbps, regardless Teams should not be causing the issue, but it is.


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It is a known issue that Teams client uses a large amount of resources for many computers. This is on the roadmap for resolution. You can increase your RAM. Yet, it does not affect your internet connectivity.


.The machine is high spec’d with 32GB of RAM, A clean rebuild of the machine resolved the issue. Still unsure as to why but the Teams client was 100% responsible for the connectivity issues.