Teams bot api to fetch the list of all users in a Microsoft tenant


Is there any api to fetch the list of all users available in Microsoft  tenant.

I'm searching for something, similar to mentioned in the link : Fetching the team roaster api, but to get the list of all user in a tenant. 


Expected response similar to :



"id": "29:1GcS4EyB_oSI8A88XmWBN7NJFyMqe3QGnJdgLfFGkJnVelzRGos0bPbpsfJjcbAD22bmKc4GMbrY2g4JDrrA8vM06X1-cHHle4zOE6U4ttcc", 
"objectId": "9d3e08f9-a7ae-43aa-a4d3-de3f319a8a9c", 
"givenName": "Larry", 
"surname": "Brown", 
"email": "", 
"userPrincipalName": ""



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Hi @Sanket26 I would suggest trying the 'List Users' function in Graph, please let me know if this helps resolve your issue. Check out the documentation here:

I just need the same as you said, I was totatly new to this , I was on google for past 2 days on this how to connect teams bot to Graph api, any help appreciated please.