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I have read that numerous people are having the same issue of no attendance reports, there is obviously an issue.

1. Do you have to be the person that started the recording or just someone that attended the meeting. 

2. What are the admin instructions to be able to get the attendance report.

3. Does something have to be turned on at the Admin level for attendance reports to show up?


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Hi SleeyQuadris,
the attendace report in Microsoft Teams is only available to the organizer of the meeting. Even the new role Co-Organizer cannot access the attendance report.
The Teams admin can manage the attendance reports settings in the meeting policy.
You can find more details here :backhand_index_pointing_down:
This is the information I needed and couldn't find anywhere. Thank you
Good to hear that :thumbs_up:
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@Thorsten Pickhan View and download meeting attendance reports in Teams - Microsoft Support


The article above is contradictory to your statement



Thorsten's comment about the meeting organizer is the only person who can get the attendance is true. Microsoft hasn't yet (to my knowledge) enabled a Co-Organizer to grab attendance. I would highly encourage people to go out to Microsoft's ideas boards and vote up any suggestion to make this a reality.

@tracedog89 Actual this has been enabled. Not sure if there are any admin restrictions. However Through some testing i was able to find out how to perform the function.


The Meeting has to be created in Teams - not in outlook. Once the meeting is set up and the Co-organizer option is enabled, my co-organizers have been able to obtain the file in the chat. It is some what limited as you can not obtain it outside of the chat i.e. meeting options however something is better than nothing.


If anyone wants to see screenshots let me know.

Yes please! And can you let me know what type of teams setup you all have? Enterprise, education, etc. We are on an Enterprise account. I will be testing this in my next meeting!!

@rajg1231 I just tested that and while the Co-Organizer can download, it will not have user content - only headers.

Just an FYI.


@James O'Neill Hi James - not sure i understand. What is meant by user content?

@tracedog89 sorry for late response on this -


Enterprise Teams for our company


Hope this was working for you - 


After you set up a meeting in Teams (not Outlook) just follow directions here - only caveat ill say is i didnt see an "edit" button. But there was a "meeting Options" button under the three lines. Once you click on this then a window should pop up in edge to change settings.

Add co-organizers to a meeting in Teams - Microsoft Support


Got lazy with screenshots but let me know if you really want the screenshots.



@rajg1231  What I mean (by user content) is that it will download a csv file but when you open it, only headers for the columns appear and not attendee names and times.  The Organizer gets the complete data though.