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How could I obtain an attendance report for an learning company that use Teams for online classes?

The problem is that I cannot use the Download attendance reports in Teams option because only the trainer is "invited". The students receive the meeting link by and automated message from CRM application, so they are not created as guests.

The current attendance report shows just a blank table because of this setup.

Other Teams add-ons like "Attendance Bot" cannot be used because the students are not part of the company.

To create a team for each class is not an option because of the "administration" process that would render it impossible.


One option was using Power Automate, but Teams connector have only the option to "Create a Teams meeting" - once created cannot be modified to automatically add the students to that meeting.


So, could have a more "reliable" (and automated if possible) attendance report in Teams rather than a simple form in MS Forms that students have to manually complete at each day they attend? 


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Hi @LucianC   What comes to my mind is to use Forms to take attendance.  This unverified resource may give you some ideas. 3 Ways to Take Attendance in Teams – The Jenallee Show


YouTube video: Attendance through Microsoft Forms - YouTube

Hi @ThereseSolimeno,

Thank you for your message. We already use MS Forms, but is not considered "reliable" because is based on user manual completion, and some of them forget to complete that form.
But, as your suggestion go towards MS Forms also, it seems that we have to stick with them and probably remind students more often to complete these forms. ;)