Teams Apps (MS apps) use First Name instead of Display Name

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Some apps in Teams use an accounts First Name value instead of their Display Name value. We've also found that Microsoft Forms does this, too (but that's for another discussion). For example, the Games for Work app in Teams is a Microsoft Corp app and it uses the First Name value. 

Here is the issue a user brought to us:

What if this is a member of the LGBTQ2+ community and using the First Name value makes them feel "outed"? Is there a way for us to force the apps (the Microsoft apps in particular) to use Display Name (as this is what we want everyone to see) instead of First Name?


I know the first solution is to change it in AD, but we can't do that because our First Name and Last Name values in AD are synced from Oracle (HR system) where we must use birth / legal name. I have let the user know that in order to change First/Last Name values, they'd have to provide legal paperwork to HR about an actual name change.


But does Microsoft have a way of forcing/requesting/defaulting Teams apps to use Display Name instead of First Name?

For example, say we have a user whose Display Name is Taylor Smith and their First Name value is Timothy, Last Name value is Smith. In the Games for Work app, it uses Timothy (First Name).


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Hi @chagedorn49,

as an administrator, you can modify the display name for users directly in the admin center:
- Log in to the admin center.
- Navigate to Admin > Users > Active users.
- Select the user in question.
- Go to Contact information > Edit > Teams display name.
-This allows you to override the default First Name value with the desired Display Name.


If your users are in the hybrid environment, then you can do this in Active Directory.

There is an issue on Teams where user name is showing as &nbsp: and then the last name. - Microsoft ...

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However it's not the Display Name that needs to be edited. We have changed the Display Name to be what the user wants, but sometimes apps in Teams decide to use the First Name value instead of the Display Name value. The First Name value is their birth name since First Name is established by our HR system. But if they don't identify as that first name anymore, they'd rather it not be used. So, I'm just seeing if I can do anything at all to help - like ask Microsoft if there is some magical way of requesting Microsoft apps to use Display Name instead of First Name.
Any update on this?
Same issue here.
Thank you