Teams Approval - Multiple Attachments and Workflow for approval

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Hello All,


Advance apologies if this is not the correct forum to post below question as I'm still a newbie!


So, we have started using Approvals app for one of our internal function for approving Capex and Opex stuff. 

Earlier, it was done using Excel and then Docusign but we decided to move on to Teams Approval


After implementation, we realised, Teams Approval App Cannot

1. Upload Multiple Attachments

- as we have to upload quotations, business case, etc to it (ofcourse we can zip and upload it but its troublesome to view on mobile apps)

2. There is no approvers workflow

- as all of them receive notifications at all time and everyone needs to approve them.

- We need layer and stage base approvals. Eg: If Capex between USD50k-100k HOD and CFO needs to be approved but 1st it will goto HOD and once he/she approves then only it will route to CFO. 

3. Need few people to notify who are not part of approvers

- Example, we need to notify our procurement team about this approval once all the signatories are done signing. 

Sorry if this too much to ask but I have seen couple of videos and it seems possible but couldn't get my head around to exactly implement using which one.

Appreciate if someone can please help and point me to the right link/workflow. 


CC: @RezaDorrani - Please help sir!

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@sagarshaha The approvals app is deliberately very simple, but the underlying capabilities for approvals is also part of Power Automate, where you can create custom workflows. From Power Automate you can build in all the types of requirements you mention. 


Here's a starting point -> Create and test an approval workflow with Power Automate. - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs

Hi @Steven Collier ,


Thanks for your reply! 


I did tried to look into Power Automate and created the form and setup the workflows but I'm getting stuck on "How to setup multi stage approval workflow" as per my requirement. 

Since this is a form and not sharepoint list, I couldn't find any documentation or videos about that.

Appreciate few pointers/examples on same 





@sagarshaha You would just have multiple approval tasks in a workflow based on the success of the previous. You could do it with just a Form, but often people would use a SharePoint list behind in order to track those different approvals together as an audit record, or a way of monitoring progress. The Form can be used to create the original record and move the users values over, or you can use an adaptive card instead.