Teams App Permanently Connected to Old College Email

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I previously used Teams in school and the account was with my school email. Now that I have graduated, Teams only allows me to log into that account which I do not have access to anymore. I'm able to log into my regular account on a web browser, but in the app I have to choice but to log into the organization page and there is no way for me to get around it. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling as well as removing the account from Keychain Access on my mac but nothing works. How do I get around this?

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If you right click on the Teams icon in your dock (click with two fingers on Mac), do you see the option to Sign Out?
I do, unfortunately when I click it, nothing happens.
Oh, that is annoying. Do you have any Mac OS updates you can install or are you all up to date?

Another thing maybe you can try is creating a new user profile on your Mac to see if you can login to Teams that way. Not an ideal solution I admit, but if it works then at least you know the corruption is somewhere in your current user profile.