Teams and Sharepoint: making a custom Word template available to all MS Teams workspaces

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We're about to roll out Teams to our staff. We don't use Sharepoint, other than as the back-end for Teams, so we have no in-house knowledge of it. We have a custom Word template that we want to make available globally, via Teams - so that any member of staff who creates a new Word doc via Teams can do so using our custom template rather than the Teams default (for house style reasons).

I've figured out how to add a custom Word template to an individual MS Teams workspace. I go to its Sharepoint site, then Documents, click New, and select the option to Add Template. When I've uploaded our custom template I change the display order of the template list so that ours is at the top.


Surely we don't have to do this for each individual Team's Sharepoint site? Is there a way of uploading the template to a single location that will automatically cascade to each individual MS Teams workspace? I've searched online but drawn a blank (maybe because I'm new to Sharepoint and not using the correct terminology when I search?).

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Hi @LynnProspect   I'm unable to tell from  your description:  how many Teams do you have in your organization?  There is an old post in this community that offers a few viable suggestions: Share a file in multiple teams - Microsoft Tech Community

@ThereseSolimeno We'll have about 50 teams in total. I'm not sure the process described in "Share a file in multiple teams" would work. This is specifically about making a template available when staff use the 'New' menu in the Files tab of a Team channel. 

I'm so disappointed that nobody has come up with a solution for this! It seems like such a basic requirement - the ability to deploy a 'corporate' Word template across all the Teams Sharepoint sites in a tenant.