Teams Admin Center broken for anyone else on Edge?

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Works with other browsers, but with Microsoft Edge the Teams Admin Center is completely broken and unusable for me. Does someone else have this problem as well? None of the sections in the Admin Center show any data, but up to three errors.




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Seems to work fine here, if you can still reproduce this best open a support case.
best response confirmed by Daniel Niccoli (Steel Contributor)
No issues here. Does the same thing happen if you use an InPrivate browser session? If that fixes it, you may need to delete your cookies (navigate to edge://settings/siteData and search for "").

If you're feeling really adventurous, you can hit F12 to open DevTools and see if anything interesting is showing up in the Console.

@Ryan SteeleI believe I did try with a private session, yes. When I tried again, all was working, so I cleared cookies and that fixed it as well.