team meeting link doesn't appear on outlook calendar

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I have the teams addin loaded on outlook.

When I click on it to set up a teams meeting,  all that displays is the word microsoft team meeting in the location.  The actual linkk does not show up.


I watched a video and it says I should see the words Microsoft meeting with the actual link.


I'm running windows 11.


Any ideas?

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Are you using the Free Version of the Microsoft Teams or Commercial/Enterprise version of the Microsoft Teams from Microsoft365 or Office 365. Additionally while you are creating Teams Meeting you should be logged into the Microsoft Teams Apps.

If you are using the free version of Microsoft Teams are you able to see the Calendar in Microsoft Teams Apps and check if you are to schedule the Teams Meeting from there?

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Satish U
I have a microsoft365 pro version . I can see the add-in in outlook. But it won't put in the teams link.

I can schedule a team meeting in TEAMS but then I have to COPY the link to outlook.
well we taked to Microsoft and if you do NOT have MSTEAMS for Business, The addin to Outlook will not work. Looks like they are forcing us to purchase BUSINESS Microsoft office in order to get MSTEams that works and have the ADDIN for Teams available in Outlook.
Hi Rama,

Yes that is the situation I wanted to understand. You can still schedule meetings from the Teams App and send it via Outlook.

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Satish U