Task Management in Teams (Free)

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Is there a native way to assign tasks and due dates in the free version of Microsoft Teams? If not, what suggestions do you have?

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Tasks in the Microsoft world are managed with Planner, but I believe Planner is not available in Teams Free version
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You could technically create a SharePoint Task list in free Teams then add it as a Tab, but it's a bit dated UI etc. But it could technically work. Task module coming to Teams, but I don't think it'll work with Free Teams as it requires ToDo.
Sharepoint Tasks in the free version?
Yeah they don't have Planner in the free version
Yeah, you get SharePoint with your Free Teams tenant. You can get there by going to files tab, Copy Link, then click SharePoint, you can use the URL trim off the end, to get to your page, then use that page to create lists etc. and add them as Website tabs etc. to your channels.
Hi, is planner or to-do available in teams through office 365 home?
Yes Planner is not available in Microsoft Teams (free)