Started recording, stoping and then recording again during a group call only recorded the first part

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Today I started recording a group call, after 10 minutes we were just setting up things and I did not wanted that to be part of the recording, so I stop and started recording again later in the same call.


After the call was finished the only video that I received by email was the first 10 minutes, where did my other recording go ?


I have tried searching in the Steam page, but no luck, only the same 10 minutes video.


Is this a bug or this how its supposed to work ?

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Hi, the meeting recordings shows up in the meeting chat, or in the channel conversation if a channel meeting. Can you only see one recording there as well?

@ChristianBergstromin the group chat only the 10 minute video appears (see attached image)

Hi, try reproducing the behavior. It sounds like a bug or other issue.

@ChristianBergstromanother person reported the same problem today, so I guess is already replicated

Ok, then I suggest the official Microsoft support by opening a service request from within the admin center.

@ChristianBergstromSo I have to be an admin of Teams or my organization to submit a possible bug ?

Anyone can submit a bug. Use Teams UserVoice or if allowed from within the app itself, then it’s called ”Feedback”. To open a proper service request you have to be an admin as per the previous link.