Skype/Teams Room System and Logitech BRIO problem

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We use Skype / Teams Room System on Logitech Tap together with Logitech BRIO camera.


(sorry for Swedish, but i think you understand ;)


The camera is visible in the settings


It is also possible to press preview and we get a picture of the camera.


But when we start a meeting, the camera icon is greyed out and doesn't work.


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@Fredrik Rubne Hejsan!


Have you tried with another whiteboard or background. It could be that the software can't find a whiteboard when the background is round. Try to frame your whiteboard with black tape and/or remove stuff from the whiteboard when you starts.


I've used Logitech Tap with Brio as a content camera so I know it should work.


Lycka till!

Oh no. The problem is that the camera does not start at all in a call, you cannot select video calls, only audio calls.But the camera is ok in the settings ???@Linus Cansby 

I've seen the same problem on Logitech smart dock. I doubt it should matter but have you checked the firmware version of the Brio, should be v240.


Do you have more than one MTR or camera so you can try to switch?

@Linus CansbyI know ... it is probably too late .... but was the problem the running Logitech capture software ?

@Martin Heydenreich 

Having the exact same problem. Smartdock running Teams with brio camera. In a call, the camera button is grayed out. Have you found a fix? Thanks!

I found the fix. In my case, I was choosing the Brio as the "Content Camera" in the Teams settings. This is why starting content sharing began showing the camera feed. There isn't a setting for a "Meeting Camera", it just uses the default. So setting the "Content Camera" to NONE fixed the issue.