Skype icon still in outlook

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We have switched to Teams but the Skype icon still shows in Outlook web ribbon and in mobile outlook iOS calendar. How can we get that fixed to show Teams?
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Hi @Dean Gross , are you now in Teams Only mode? That should trigger the changes in the outlook title bar, replacing it with speech bubbles.

Hi Dean

Is this still an issue?

If you have switched to teams only mode, there could be a delay whilst the conversion takes place.
I think we are in Teams only mode, how can an end user confirm this?

@ImranRashid  we switched a few months ago

@Dean Gross not seeing the Skype icon in OWA would be one way ....


Can you still load and log in to Skype for Business client?

We have the same problem. We never used skype for bussines. We were on Teams only mode from the very beggining. Still the Skype icon is there. I can even type from there and seen by coworkers as a Skype user differnet from Treams user.

We are seeing this too.  We migrated to Teams about ~6 months ago, and are in Teams Only mode, and still see a Skype icon/link in the tasks view in Outlook on the web. How do we remove this?  Thanks! 


outlook with skype.png


@Steven Collier 


Now Skype is gone
I'm still seeing it today in the tasks view within Teams as show in my screenshot above.