Shifts app issues - very inflexible, difficult to use - need these features please.

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Is the only way to remove an unwanted schedule in Shifts really to delete the whole team?  I mean, the workflow expected is infuriating. Also, would be great to allow those on the schedule to make notes and adjust their times to make it applicable not just for shift work, but for work schedules that the team can see (we wanted to use this for our work from home schedule as we are rotating days in and out of the office during COVID - though it would be useful beyond the pandemic). Additionally, why doesn't it integrate with Office so that we could see an overlay of Shifts on our calendars without occupying meeting space. Please hire some real humans to test your products, lol. 

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Microsoft is using the uservoice page to gather requests for change in Teams. Check it out here:

Public: Shifts (723 ideas) – Microsoft Teams UserVoice


BTW, I know many organisations that uses Shifts, IKEA is one of them so I guess real humans tests the products.

@Linus Cansby I'm assuming that the amount of negative feedback for the Shifts app caused it to be closed down. I really had high hopes of integrating Shifts into my teams, enabling me to have oversight of everyone's rosters. Alas, updates using the excel template do nothing, I can't even block change my own shifts.

Is anyone in MS looking at providing better user features based on the feedback?