SharePoint Monthly Calendar view within Teams

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I'm trying to figure out why I can't get a SP calendar to display as a monthly view within a Teams tab.


I'm part of another team that displays a monthly view just fine. 


How can I get the first screenshot to display as the second? 

Both of these calendars were created within the assigned Teams' SharePoint







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Hi @FelQR  In my desktop app, my only choices are day, workweek or week - no monthly view.  See this:


The Uservoice update from January 2020 says this feature is on the backlog, but you should still vote for it.  The link to Uservoice is within the answer above.

@ThereseSolimeno  Thanks for your reply, but as described  (and shown in the OP), in another Team the monthly view shows just fine. 


Also when I click to open the Sharepoint Calendar, it opens as a monthly view in Internet explorer. 


I think this might have to do with the SP version that's being displayed as default in Teams. 




How are you adding the monthly view to your channel? The monthly view is a classic view in a calendar list so the only way to add it to Teams is through the Web Tab.
I don't know if you figured this out, it doesn't say solved, but I think it's the type of tabs you added. The working one is a Website tab where someone just used a link to the calendar. The non-working screenshot looks like it was added using a Sharepoint tab.

I know this is a long time ago, but I was having this issue just today and have found a way to call a calendar out in month view just like that in Teams.
You have to make sure under (SharePoint) Site Settings -> Site Features -> Project Functionality is activated. Now, on the Home page of your target SharePoint site, there should be showing [Tasks] and [Calendar] in the left pane. Click on [Calendar]. Copy the url. Then go to your Teams desktop app, click on [+] on the top and add a tab by selecting [Website]. Paste the copied url here and click save. There, you have it now. Hope it helps. Thanks.




@jaxfarmny  Thank you so much!  This is just what I needed today.