Sharepoint list links to custom view not working on Teams tab with a sharepoint page



i am assuming this has to do with the release of Micosoft List which is onboing but i do home this wont stay for long. 

We have a Sharepoint List at the sharepoint from out team, this list is splitted in diferent views which filter the data to diferent members of that team. depending on their role. 



On the web, directly in sharepoint everything works as it should. if you select Fleet for example you will go directly to the Fleet custom view. 


if you select it on the Teams Tab, it renders with the Teams design ( for me Darkmode ) which is good :) like it , But all custom view Links default to All items 



Any idea anyone ? 


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@Daniel_Herrera_Germany I'm experiencing the same problem. It worked in the past though. I had several SharePoint tabs in my team pointing to different views (using the URL form the specific views) from the same SharePoint list. However, now all the tabs show the default view from the SharePoint list.

@rmangoendirjo  right, it worked in the past. 


i belive it has t do with the update to Microsoft Lists, i mean the design does change now. before it kept it all as in sharepoint.

i still have not find a work around, just point it out to the users to change the view or simply jumping to sharepoint.


hope it gets solve at some point, once Microsoft List is fully deployed. 



We're experiencing a similar issue. It has been explained to us that it happens when the destination list/library is not on the same site as the link to the list view. When the link is on a site page of the same site as the list/library, then the links work perfectly. 


A workaround, is to right-click the link and "open in new tab" and the list view works perfectly again, however the Quick Links web part doesn't give the option to open in new tab. So not ideal. Would be best if the links simply work!

Hi@Daniel_Herrera_Germany ,


What you may be best to do is as follows:


1. In Teams, click the drop down next to All Items and see if your custom view 'Fleet' shows up in the list.  If so, select this as per below.  This will set the list view type to be set as your custom view:




2. As per below, now that your custom view is selected, choose the drop down again in Teams and select 'Set current view as default' to set your custom view as the main list view every time in Teams:



If you don't see your Fleet custom view come up as per step 1, you'll need to create or edit the custom list view back in Sharepoint via the link from Teams as per below:




Once in Sharepoint, edit the List settings and check the Fleet View:






@anewhamlet the destination list is at the same site, i´ve even test both scenarions with a list from a different site collection and also has that issue. 


whoever explained that to you has obvieslly not test it themselfs. issue still persisst. 

@JezBurger it is a good advice if i had only 1 view linked at that page, but all the 4 quick links at the top are 1 list, then i link link the all items view, Fleet vie, Facility View and Procurement View. 


with your suggestion i can only fix 1 to default but the other 3 will still need to be selected at the drop down menu. 


as stated before, if you open in Sharepoint directly it works without any issue. this only happends if is elected in MS Teams. 

Sorry to hear that. Definitely sounds like an issue to raise with MS Support via your 365 admin portal in a support case.



I am having the exact same issue. I had custom over 20 specific views for various groups in our organization. Now, we are going to have to direct them to take extra steps when accessing views just to make a workaround work. 


This is the second issue I have seen recently without any sort of follow up or real fix from Microsoft. Doubly frustrated.



right sadly no solution whatsoever, i did found a trick though. it is not the best but is a bit better. 

if you replace the URL from the view from whic ussually looks like this : 


and add ?viewid=<vie id> 

should look something like this: https://<organisation><Sitename>/Lists/<listname>/<viewname>.aspx?viewid=3d5c37bc-43cf-491e-89a9-22f95c24c6df


what this does, is redirect the link outside of teams, and opens at the browser at the right view. 

you will then loose the collaboration features from the lists on Ms Teams though. 



We finally had a response from Microsoft Support for our issue. They have given us a workaround that ensures that the library view url assigned to a button opens the url as expected rather than the All Documents View. 


Their workaround was to change the start of the full web address from "https" to "http". This fixed the issue for us for now. We were originally concerned that there might be a security concern, however for us these are links on an intranet that require access via multi-factor authentication anyway. And the resultant web address for us resolved to https. 


As Microsoft were able to replicate our scenario, it has been put into the pipeline over the next few months for a permanent fix. 


Something to try? 



i just try this and i am afraid it does not work, it is actually worst becouse the quick links at the sharepoint page in the teams tab does not work anymore. i hope microsoft comes up with a fix, until then i am just teachin users of the available views at the lists





Same Issue. Posting to track for resolution

@Ftgh1902 @Daniel_Herrera_Germany I found a solution to this issue, at least for the time being. Copy the link for the list view and embed it as a Website in teams.    I have one list that uses three separate views, and have created three separate tabs in Teams, and this works as expected--shows only the custom list view.


Hope this least until Microsoft decides to stop making these "improvements" to their apps.

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Found the fix!

Your default view is going to show in the URL like so....

Other views show up with a view ID at the end of that url such as

What you need to do is get the view URL without all that GUID junk at the end and to do this its very simple. Lets say I have another view named "My Reports". All you have to do is replace the AllItems with the view name of the one you want to show.

The %20 is expressed as a space to the browser so the browser reads it as My Reports.

Now, to add this to teams, create a new tab and select the new "lists" app. Select save to finish adding it to the channel. Once its been added, a configuration screen will come up. Choose the option to use an existing list then in the URL add your URL you built for that view.

That's it! It should now show your list in that view. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for the update, actually the issue was when the links were at a sharepoint page.
but regardless of a teams tab or quick link on a page this did the trick :)


I have tried to set a saved view as the default, however, it is not working.  Is there a different way to accomplish this?


This fix is the only one that worked for us. Changing each of the URLs from the orginal generic link to their custom URL Link found in the web browser 


After created your different views 

Go to your list> click on Settings> List settings > scroll down and Click on one view you want to add as "filtered view" 



Now, at the top, you will see an URL with "your name list".aspx 
That's the URL you have to use. 



Go to Teams >Channel > Add List > Select "Existing List" > Past your URL into "SharePoint" URL 



NOTE: Replace space by "%20"