Setting a reminder for a Teams Meeting

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Hi All


Is it possible to set up a reminder for a Teams meeting that is already in your calendar?




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Yes you can set this in Outlook by opening the appointment.  Below is my example on Outlook for Mac but I imagine the experience is similar in Windows Outlook (which i don't have to hand right now).


Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 11.19.45.png

Hi Sathish,

It can also be done in the outlook app on the mobile but not via teams.

In outlook, go to you Calendar and open the appointment. You will see “Show more” (see screen1 attachment), when clicking on it, you will see some options (see screen2 in attachment). Select the first option, the bell, as this is the notification section.
You will see some options when you want to be notified (see screen3 in attachment). Select the option you want and save the appointment.

That should be it :grinning_face:
Let me know if this worked for you.

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Mitchell Bakker

Hi  @Mitchell Bakker 


Is there a way to send out a reminder to a whole class or a whole channel, rather than a note to yourself? 



Rose Campbell

@RoseCampbell2 I was just able to do this by going into Outlook, right-clicking the meeting within the calendar, and choosing "Reply to All".

@RoseCampbell2 This may not be what you want in this instance, but I think a way to contact everyone in a channel is to try "@channelname" in the channel chat. It should notify everyone on that channel of whatever message you have. This may not be desired if your meeting is a subset of that channel membership.