Sending a message in a Teams channel using a fictitious user via Microsoft Graph API

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Hi everyone,

I have the following requirement:

I have created a fictitious user to send a message in a Teams channel, a sort of alert.

I am able to log in to Graph Explorer with this user and by using the following Graph API call{group_id}/channels/{channel_id}/messages I can send a message inside the Microsoft Teams channel.

Now, my question is: how can I insert a message into the Channel from "outside" Graph Explorer, without direct login in with the user, for example using a Postman request? I am positive that I have all the necessary information, like client IDs, tokens, etc. 

Since I am by no means an expert in Microsoft Graph or API calls, I'm kindly asking for your help.


Thanks in advance and kind regards,


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The only way so far I have been able to do is via Power Automate.
Follow the steps here and it *WILL* work.

Similar to Terry Wells’ example, if you’re posting to a channel, you can log into Power Automate with your fictitious user and create a flow to post a message to the channel -