Seeking Solutions for Delayed Voicemail Connection in Microsoft Auto Attendant

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Hello Community,

I am encountering an issue with Microsoft Auto Attendant where there is a noticeable delay (approximately 5 seconds) after the greeting message and before the call is connected to the shared voicemail box. This delay occurs right before the voicemail tone prompts the caller to leave a message, leading to confusion and a less professional experience.

Here are the specifics of my setup:

  • Auto Attendant is configured with a greeting message.
  • Calls are intended to be forwarded to a shared voicemail box via an MS365 Group.
  • The system is set to skip the voicemail system notification.
  • The greeting message is an uploaded audio file, not text-to-speech.

Despite the setup, there is an awkward silence after the greeting and before the voicemail tone. I have attempted to find solutions, noticing that others might have faced similar issues, yet a clear resolution or workaround seems elusive.

Has anyone encountered this issue and found a way to minimize or eliminate this delay? Any suggestions or insights into settings or configuration changes that could improve this situation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Max_D1590 


Would like to understand your set up more. Are you using Microsoft Teams Calling Plans or Direct Routing or Operator Connect?
Where are the DID hosted with the Operator or Microsoft?

Seems to be a delay in the notification from the Auto Attendant to the Voicemail Service.

With Regards,

Satish U

Hi Satish,

Thank you for your response.

Regarding your questions:

We are using Direct Routing in our Microsoft Teams setup.
Our DID numbers are hosted with Vodafone, which provides our number block.

I hope this information helps in diagnosing the delay issue with the Auto Attendant and Voicemail Service. Please let me know if you need any more details.

Best regards,