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We run a mix of W10/W11 devices. I have completed every single update and reinstalled the app (so lets skip that conversation).


Even with all this in play I (and a lot of our staff) struggle to share screen (occasionally)?! irrelevant of the application we are trying to share.


sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. what fixes the issue is terminating the call and calling them back.

Can you assist please, its really beginning to irritate everyone in the business from sales to MD.

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I'd suggest looking at the video drivers
In Microsoft Teams, you can show your desktop, a specific app, a whiteboard, or a presentation in a meeting.

Select Share content Share screen button and choose if you want to share your computer audio.

Select what you want to share:

Screen lets you show everything on your screen.

PowerPoint Live lets you share a PowerPoint presentation.

Microsoft Whiteboard and Freehand by Invision lets you share a whiteboard where participants can sketch together.

Window lets you share an open window like a specific app you have open.

After you select what you want to show, a red border surrounds what you're sharing.

Meeting participants won't see any notifications that might come in.
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Can you give an example of what was being completed at the time? Any error messages? Was the screen share button greyed out? Did it freeze?
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@MikeCharnock When you're unable to share content, are you getting any error message? If so, can you post what error you are seeing?  Also, is this an issue with sharing content in a meeting, a VOIP call, or a chat?  Thanks!

Share content in a meeting in Teams - Microsoft Support