Screen sharing low resolution & flickering colors

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Hello Teams Community,


This weekend I built a new computer and am now experiencing an issue with Teams where when I use the application to share my screen.  Specifically, the resolution/quality is so low that people have difficulty reading text on my screen.  And ~30% of the time, people will tell me my screen is flickering every 0.5-1.0 seconds between "normal" (but still degraded resolution) and looking like there's a cyan or yellow filter over the whole screen.


To make this even stranger, if I use the web application for Teams everything is 100% fine.  Using the webapp the quality is good [so everyone can read what's on my screen] and there's no flickering of a colored filter.  And everyone says that when I'm just showing my face via webcam, everything looks fine using either the desktop application or the webapp.


It seems others online have experienced the low resolution issue but not the screen filtering.  None of those other people's solutions have worked for me.  Specifically I have:

  1. Cleared the Teams cache
  2. Verified I have sufficient upload/download speeds (90 MBps up and down)
  3. Left the meeting and returned
  4. Restarted computer
  5. Turned off GPU hardware acceleration (only in the application; not possible in web application)
  6. Tried using different screens (still connecting to the same GPU)
  7. Uninstalled/reinstalled Teams


At first I thought it was something to do with my GPU driver settings but since the web application works perfectly with identical GPU driver settings, that doesn't seem to be the problem.


Any ideas on what else to try?

It seems like this might be an issue with the Teams software itself but maybe I'm missing something.

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@Caesar3 Still very likely to be your GPU driver. When using the browser then it's Chrome or Edge that is capturing the screen, and could well be using a different path compared to the Teams desktop app. Always worth making sure it's current.


I have the same issue. I built a new pc. I use an AMD GPU. Have you found a way to fix this?

I have been told (as I don't experience any issues on my side) that the issue seems to be worse when I am in a bigger meeting.

In response to Steven Collier, I am totally up to date with the GPU driver, it automatically updates and has been since the issues started a few months back.

Kind regards,

I have the same issue. I have been using Teams for 3 years but recently switched from an Nvidia 1060i to an AMD 6750XT and the issue just started. I verified all the latest drivers and have no issues with any other applications. Internet speed are 500/500. Seems like this may be an issue with AMD cards?