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Hello Everyone,

First time here. I am a teacher. Apparently I deleted my TEAM. Not sure how. My IT department says they can't restore it, because 'I created the TEAM myself' and added the members and it's content/pages, etc... If the system created the TEAM and then I had entered the pages/content they could restore it. So I am left to figure it out on my own or start from scratch.


When I enter into OneNote and click my list of Notebooks, the Notebook appears with it's Sharepoint location, but when you select to open it, it says '404 file not found'.

When I go through TEAMS, and select my available TEAMs it does not appear and it also does not come up when searched.

On my phone the in OneNote the Notebook is fully there, with all tabs/folders and my students from last year, but when you select anything to open, they are all blank. 


Everyone is stumped. My entire year of virtual lessons and planning is lost. Any help or suggestions would be terrific. 


Thank you,


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You can usually recover any team by restoring the Microsoft 365 Group that backs it. These are kept in a ‘soft deleted’ state for 30 days after which they’re permanently removed. This might require the help of an administrator though. So ask your IT department to restore the group. The group usually has the same name as the team.

Thanks Paul,
This is exactly what my admin team explained to me. However, when trying to do this, they were unable to just that. They explained that it was because I created the TEAM. I wonder if the TEAM was deleted more than 30 days ago and thus that is why they couldn't do it.
I have no idea how/when it was deleted.
I am at a loss
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@kevinmcbeth It doesn't matter who created the team, it's always backed by a Microsoft 365 Group. If they cannot find the group in the 'recycle bin', then unfortunately it appears the group was probably 'hard deleted' already. Have a look here to see if you can still find it. Theoretically you should also be able to restore Microsoft 365 Groups you owned.


Some resources linked to a group might be recoverable for a longer period of time. Your administrator will have to look for those resources in various places though. The associated SharePoint site may still be available in the SharePoint recycle bin etc.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunately nothing was in the deleted folders.

I will have to contact my administrators again and have them take a look. It's looking more and more like I'm going to be out of luck.
When I open my list of notebooks, it states my notebook hasn't been opened since June, when school finished. I have no clue what could have occurred.

I have just encountered this problem, I went to but the Teams Group does not show there either..  

All my colleagues were using it, but the suddenly about an hour ago it just vanished for all of us.


I have managed to restore my colleagues access to files stored on SharePoint, using Excel.  But that doesn't solve the problem for staff who have never access those files.  We actually used a lot of Private Channels, so not sure how to access those SharePoint locations

I just want to add that SharePoint recognises that there is a Teams Group connect to it, but just can't open it, and I just get this insteadUntitled.jpg



Your IT can always recover deleted teams by restoring the Microsoft 365 Groups that backs them, here's a Powershell code i wrote that gets the job done:
Get-AzureADMSDeletedGroup -Top 10000| Export-Csv -Path "E:\DeletedTeams.csv" -Encoding UTF8
$DG_list = Import-Csv E:\DeletedGID.csv
foreach ($DGmember in $DG_list) {
Restore-AzureADMSDeletedDirectoryObject –Id $DGmember.GroupID
*The first line will export the recent 10000 deleted office 365 groups. You can always change this number. 
*The rest of the code will iterate over items in another csv file named DeletedGID.csv that has one column with the deleted groups ID (GroupID)