Reflect app in MS Teams

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Dear Community


I am very confused regarding the new Refelect app for MS Teams. Is this only for Educational tenants? We would love to have this reflect messasing extension in our Teams for business. 

Does anyone know this?


Thanks in advance! 


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@Viktoria Korman Hello, available for all!


"Outside of the classroom, Reflect can also be used in business settings. Any team that wants to monitor their social-emotional states now can. “Even though we started this work for the education space, and the need is there, we wanted to make sure it scaled to corporate and other business scenarios, as well,” said Rozo." 

@ChristianBergstrom Thank you! All clear now! 


Greetings, Viktoria! 

Looking for clarification.  Our IT admin indicates that this is a pay for app, I thought it was free.  Can anyone clarify.  

Can the Reflect app  be used in Teams for business (not education)?