Red dot for teams online showing unread messages (on browser tab) same as unread emails in outlook

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Is there a way to have a red dot on the Teams tab similar to how unread emails are on the Outlook tab. see below.




We have recently migrated from a Google environment and have been instructed to reduce emails but using teams/chat. However the functionality is underwhelming in comparison and our whole team are constantly missing notifications, and now resorting to sending emails again. 


Surely it is a simple fix but we just can't find it amongst the multitude of settings  

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The Teams web app currently doesn't include that, but you will see a (1) added to the title bar for new messages.

thanks for the confirmation @Andres Gorzelany . When you say title bar do you mean 'taskbar'? is there no way to see at a glace that there are messages waiting if you are not using the teams desktop app?


I mean the tab title, any special reason not to use the desktop app?

thanks @Andres Gorzelany I dont see the 1 at all. how do i get that to show? I am using Chrome for my browser. The reason im using the web version is that im on the web for all my other app so im just switching between them. 

It's strange that you are not even getting the (1), did you disable tab notifications for the Teams Web?
No i havnt disabled the notifications. i customised them so i dont see all activity, but i cant see anything in settings that mentions 'tab notifications' or find anything on google either?! do you mind showing where i can find that please? the whole team would be very greatful.
I don't use Chrome but Edge Chromium, have a look at this thread where it is explained how to allow Teams notifications in Chrome

@Andres Gorzelany thanks for that website, it was helpful finding the deep layering of notifications. however it looks like Teams is already allowed. So I'm still not sure what is going wrong.



@cprior This is a great question because I literally have the exact same scenario. I started a new job a few months back that uses the full Microsoft suite and my last job used Google so I am used to all communication tools being tabs in Chrome. I have gotten used to the Microsoft suite but the one thing that is missing is a visual notification in the chrome browser tab when their is an unread Teams chat because I miss them all the time.