Recovered O365 Account lost access to ALL Private Channels

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In order for a user to be disconnected (one at a time as we cannot migrate all user to Azure cloud-only at once) is to remove them from the local AD sync, which in turn deletes the user in O365.  What we then do is 'recover' the account, setup a new password and all licenses get reassigned.

This has worked for all apps (Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, all SharePoint links, Teams mobile/web) by simply re-authenticating.  Microsoft Teams Desktop app wouldn't work so had to completely uninstall/reinstall then could log in.

Now Teams is all fine, however, I've lost all of my Private Channels.  I am the owner of most of these Private Teams, which I can still see and access, yet the private channels in all of these private teams are gone.  The other users that have access to them have no issues.


I've verified that I am still the owner of the private teams.  I can see these private channels on the mobile app (doesn't show in the main Teams tab, but click on "see all teams" then the team and the private ones show after a couple seconds.  On the mobile app the public channels have checkmarks but the private ones have no option to put a checkmark on the mobile app.


I have Microsoft support looking at this but unfortunately their support is pretty basic and have no solution yet.


My device currently has always been authenticated to Azure so don't see anything with the device causing the issue but in the Web version of Teams, I can't see these channels either.


We are going to be migrating more users to cloud-only soon so if this is a major bug, I need to figure out how to fix it.  I'm not sure why this would cause the channels to disappear when the private teams are just fine.

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Well it seems that the O365 Recovery process does not recover Teams Channel membership as my name is not on ANY of the 25+ private channels anymore.  I have to now re-add myself to all of these channels in the Teams Admin Centre one at a time from each Team.

If there are channels I didn't create or even know about means I would have to check every Team then each Channel, but ask each user what they have access to, before we disconnect each user from AD so they can be re-added.

And if we accidentally delete a user in O365? Too bad you lose all your channel memberships. Yikes.