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we would like to test TEAMS as a phone call solution but for legal purpose we need to automatically record some of our lines

It seems it s not possible at the moment, is there a planned feature ? or a workaround ... 



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Hi @comgam,

AFAIK, compliant call recording can be acheived with Microsoft Teams but can only be achieved with Direct Routing. See article here:

I have heard that Microsoft do intend to develop and introduce this feature at a later date for commercial customers via the standard Phone System and Call Plans; however it's not currently on the Microsoft 365 road map.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris
Also use uservoice and go vite for some of these requests! For example:


thnks for the update

yes it seems this feature is not really planned  yet


but direct routing mean a 3rd part phone solution if i'm right and we want to have all in one (like Fuze or RingCentral for example) but TEAMS is great for collaboration but not ready for calls ...
Thanks Guillaume,

Yes - I understand completely. The point is that it is possible today to use Microsoft Teams for compliant call recording in the Direct Routing scenario. However, most organisations want to see it within Microsoft's phone system so they don't have to have Direct Routing. They want, as you say, all in one.

So it will be some time before this comes in. As Adam says, the uservoice will help but it is known that Microsoft have compliant call recording on their radar and hopefully this will be sooner rather than later. Some organisations are holding off on voice because of this. It was a big reason why many companies didn't go all in on Skype for Business.

Hope that clarifies.

Best, Chris
thanks for the very clear explanation !


Hi @andrewinfinitel 


thanks noted !


@Christopher Hoard 

Any update? It would be nice to have some indication, of how much out in the future, is this going to  be. I could not imagine this would take that long. And yes if its going to be another year, or 6 months or 3 months then we can plan out workflows accordingly. PLEASE PROVIDE UPDATES ON WHEN TO EXPECT THIS IN THE MARTKET PLACE OR AS BETA TESTING?  I have had VoIP since 2003 & followed MS O365 as it came out. It has been very disappointing that MS does not give this feature a top priority- Even S4B did not have company wide call recording. The 3rd party vendors such as Aptela from 2003, Vocalocity, Vonage and Ring, all provide company wide recording.  If we are moving to all digital then how can we not include Voice recording with transcription in TEAMS to realize what your team member may have communicated with a customer who calls again. If TEXT is, then what about voice? Talk achieves more than text and is more efficient.! Talk should be a higher priority for high hourly wage earners. Time is money- rather than typing we may like to get it done on the phone-this needs to be logged for a business. This is so basic to improve CRM. Changing voice systems with trees can be more complex than just migrating data in clouds. Being able to build it into TEAMS is E'ssential. PLEASE MS-O365-S4B-TEAMS, JUST THINK, HOW TO MAKE OUR LIVES MORE EFFICIENT - AND TALK WE ALL DO! INDEED! PLEASE UPDATE ON CURRENT STATUS- O365 WITHOUT VOICE TRACKING/LOGGING IS ANCIENT WORKFLOW FROM THE 1900s. Creates transparency and accountability to the majority of our communications. This is 2020 now in less than 2 weeks!

Did you vote for these features in UserVoice? Microsoft checks those more than the boards here.
Hi All,

Call recording can be achieved with Direct Routing. Most providers will offer a carrier hosted model where they host the SBC and provide the SIP trunks. Also you only pay for the number of SIP channels you require. There is no per user pricing so it is very cost effective.

For anything above 5+ users I don't know why any organisation would choose MS calling plans, Direct Routing is the optimal solution.

@andrewinfinitel  > I get that PSTN call recording can be achieved with Direct Routing but what about Teams:Teams? Can you some how force all that calling through the SBC as well? Thanks, Ryan.

You should check the compliance recording mentioned in this session:


There are a couple of Microsoft partners providing this in the preview program now, contact them and you might be able to join their preview. Or wait for GA in Q1 2020.



Routing all calls via a SBC is not possible and even if it were possible not a good idea.

Yes it is possible by tromboning the calls. The caveat would be increased channel usage.

@andrewinfinitel > Thanks for the workaround suggestion. Do you know if that is enabled through the 'Prevent toll bypass and send calls through the PSTN'  Calling Policy setting?

Prevent toll bypass and send calls through the PSTN

Setting this to On will send calls through the PSTN and incur charges rather than sending them through the network and bypassing the tolls.

Thanks @Linus Cansby I just watched that now. One worrying comment from the Q&A was thatMedia Bypass would not be compatible with call recording.

Good to see AudioCodes are on the partner list since we are already working with them. I'll see if they can give us any further info.


Cheers, Ryan.

No, Prevent toll bypass and send calls through the PSTN is to prevent toll bypass, so if you are located in India and calls a UK number toll bypass would send out the call on a UK PSTN gateway so you can get a lower cost on the call, but in some countries that is not allowed. So this setting is only for PSTN calls from Teams and not Teams calls (VoIP).


@Linus Cansby ahh great thanks for the simple explanation.


If anyone does know how you might test 'tromboning' in Teams please share as we need such a workaround until Compliance Recording becomes available.

Thanks a ton Chris. Finally we are there with O365 where we can start using AI on voice and all the data generated from there of. I appreciate your guidance. Andrew made me realize how MS is building this and its going to be sweet! It took 17+ years for Voice to finally get here. Cheers!
I encourage all to venture into the video link of Ignite provided by Chris above- sets the stage on this stuff.