Recent issue uploading files into chat in teams

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In the past week a number of our users have been unable to upload/share files into teams chat, the file uploads and goes into the message but when sending the message it then fails.


  1. User uploads the file which goes to their "Microsoft Teams Chat Files" folder in OneDrive
  2. Teams sends driveItem/invite API call to sharepoint/onedrive passing recipients of the user who uploaded the file and the other chat recipient
  3. driveItem/invite API call fails with 403 stating the "The feature has been disabled. Please contact your admin to get it enabled."

If you replay the invite API request but change the recipient list to exclude the uploader themselves (as the file has been uploaded to their onedrive anyway) the API call completes successfully.


Equally changing the uploader in the recipient list from their default email address (which teams is using) to their UPN this also allows the API call to complete successfully.


So I presume a bug has been introduced that is either incorrectly including the uploader in the share recipient list, it is incorrectly using the uploaders email address instead of their UPN, or the sharepoint api has changed that it no longer works with an email address and requires a UPN.


I've tried changing the sharing settings in sharepoint/onedrive to allow links to be share with anyone in or out of the organisation and with or without logging in being required but this didn't appear to make any difference either.


Has anyone else experienced this recently?


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@atmetis42 I have been trying to upload a file all morning and I am getting the error message asking me to check back later. Is there a fix for this?

@verdinemba I've not found one but this appears to affect random pairings of users and not a whole tenant. Some it was affecting are now working again and others have broken, i really have no idea what is going on but it can't be admin/user configuration related as no config options have changed for the people for who it broke and is now working again.