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Hi there, I have a Microsoft Teams for my youth club to share files, communicate with staff etc. When anyone sends a message into one of our chats and they reply it still says 0 out of *** have read it which is false as people are reading it?

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Unless an admin is forcing read receipts to be on, any user can disable read receipts themselves which may cause the behavior you’re seeing.

Thank you for your reply.

I have checked this out and all are turned on.

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If you check it in the Teams web client (, does it show a more realistic number of reads there? Or is it the same?
Hi, I've tried everything. It always shows 0 out of x have read your message even though people have replied etc so they've clearly seen them.
Then it’s probably time to get a support case opened with Microsoft to get some help there. Can’t think of any other reasons why it would break if read receipts are on and all clients show the same.
Thank you, I have spoke to support via live chat and they said the only way I can get help is on here which isn't great. I don't know how else to get the help I need.


Has there been any update on this fix. For me the web client shows the read receipt, however the desktop client does not. Attached is the snapshot from both clients.

Desktop Client  Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit).


Web Client





We've been having this very same issue for over a month now, but only under a certain circumstance.

By chance, are you accessing Teams organizations as a guest in those tenants? That's where we see this issue. Native users in their own home tenants don't seem to experience this.
Yes, I am access the teams organization as a guest. This feature was working as expected couple of versions ago.

The settings are working correctly as I get the read receipts, when using a browser client but not in the desktop client (see screenshot above). Also switching back to couple of versions brings the feature back in desktop client however with auto update, the teams client then switches to the most latest version. 

I switched to use the non-guest account and guest account but it still does not bring up the read-receipts notification. Also did a clean uninstall/reinstall for the desktop client with no changes.


Also, the setting is turned on at the admin level.



@ThereseSolimeno, @Laurie Pottmeyer can you help ?


Today, I tried in Firefox web client and it did show read receipts for my guest account. However when in Edge or Chrome it did not show the read receipts for the same account. Also the desktop client is not showing read receipts.


Did you ever get any resolution on this? We still have this issue as of Dec. 1st, and while it's not entirely show-stopping, it's incredible annoying and has certainly broken some workflows.

@Bob Manjoney No response from anyone yet. I am still facing the same issue.