Read receipts for other user's messages

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Hi all,


Is there a way to check read receipts for other user's messages in group chat?


I can see who has read my own messages (including _ out of _ read) but if I wanted to see who in the group has read another user's messages there doesn't appear to be an option?


This would be a useful feature to see who is active on chat without having to send your own messages to be read.

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@Justin800 It depends from a group chat you can see it but from a teams in teams it is not possible and I think you mean the last one.


If you want it you can upvote it hereActivate read receipt for Channel messages · Community (


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No I mean for group chat - if you click on options for other people's messages you get this:Justin800_1-1689580444679.png


Whereas if you click on your own messages you get:




I would be looking for the option to see "Read by _ of _" on everyone's messages, not just mine.




@paul keijzers 

You know that read receipts mean very little. I can easily see a message and not read it

@Justin800 The short answer is, 'no' 


But like @Ed Woodrick said, the value for Read Receipts isn't always a good indicator of activity, and isn't that reliable. From the support pages:

  • Everyone must have read receipts turned on  
    If you're chatting with someone who has it turned off or someone who’s outside your org, you won't see read receipts from that person. 

  • Activity in the chat window marks a message as a read receipt
    You won't get a read receipt if someone sees your message in a notification or in the Activity feed. Or, if they see or respond from a banner notification. You'll only get a read receipt if someone is active in the chat and responded there.

@HelloBenTeoh @Ed Woodrick 

Settings have everyone's read receipts turned on so that's not an issue.


Whilst I agree that you can read messages without being active in chat, I would disagree that it isn't useful to have as a feature. For example if someone is reading messages but not actioning them may be information on it's own. 


Any possibility that this could be added as a feature?