"Don't Host" button missing in meeting invites after send.

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Not sure if this belongs here or in Outlook forum - Create a new meeting in Outlook and click the Teams Meeting button creates a Teams meeting out of it just fine, and offers the Join, Meeting Options, and Don't Host button. Once you send the invitation though, going back to edit the meeting the first two buttons are there, but the "Don't Host" button is missing. You can customize the ribbon and add the button, but you have to put it in a custom group. The customize toolbar dialog even shows the button is in the Teams Meeting group, but it doesn't display.




I've also noticed that adding the button to a custom group causes it to appear multiple times under the available commands list.
Anyone else experiencing this? We're running 

Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2201 Build 16.0.14827.20186) 64-bit


John R

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does it happen to all your client?
it works for me ....

before you find the root cause, you may want to change the default setting in "file"-"option"-"calendar"-"calendar option" as a workaround
It is happening on multiple clients. We have the default in calendar options turned off (at the org level so that Microsoft didn't change it). We don't know how long it has been happening since it is just with the recent Covid restrictions lifting that people have wanted to go back to a Teams meeting and change it to be an in person meeting.
The exact same issue is happening to me. I'm using Outlook Desktop client, the Don't Host Online button is missing even though it shows up in the commands list and should be displayed.

I have other colleagues who can see it, and some who can't and we are all on the same version of Outlook desktop. I would love a fix for this.