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So when you use the "Copy Link" function in Team for a file or folder that link will only work so long as the file/folder isn't moved. If a user tried to access the file/folder after it has been moved they receive a "You don't have access to this file" message. However when you create a link to the same  file/folder via Sharepoint the link works even if the file is moved.


This is becoming a real frustration point for my team and I am trying to see if there is some way in Teams to generate sharing links that are persistent like what I am finding in Sharepoint. Does anyone have a solution or know if Microsoft if working on a feature like this for Teams?

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@Nat_Benn I'm editing my previous post as I've just done some testing and you're absolutely right. It doesn't work within Teams as you don't have the checkbox to select to keep the sharing permissions when you move it (and have copied the former file path). So I'm correcting myself here :)





Let me also add that this isn't super straight forward as you can create links from several places, and when choosing to copy in Teams you also have the Teams link and SharePoint option. While working in SharePoint you can actually access the previous file location without an error.




I don't work that much with files to be honest so this was a good lesson learned so thanks for the heads-up!



Thanks for the follow up and also thanks for pointing out that the Sharepoint link is a bit of a work around for this issue. That is probably what I end up recommending to my team but it is still frustrating that the Teams link functionality isn't on par.


I am coming from years of using Box and they have had this persistent link feature as long as I can remember. So long as the file wasn't deleted the link always worked. Maybe I need to see if there is a User Voice request for this feature.

Hey, I saw plenty UVs about it and also found this article. Have a look https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/activate-and-configure-document-ids-in-a-site-collection-...

@ChristianJBergstromWow, had never come across the "Document ID Service", immediately enabling it in my org to take advantage. Thanks for sharing that!

Careful with the document Id service, Microsoft has not invested for years on that feature and bear in mind the ID is unique per site collection not for the full tenant
I wanted to add one more comment that may prove helpful to anyone else who runs across this question. I am still testing this to confirm but it appears that if you use the paperclip icon in Teams when posting to a channel that the link to the document is persistent. The only caveat of course is that this means the message has to be sent within Teams rather than via email. This isn't a deal breaker but I am still getting my team onboard with using Teams as their primary communications platform; defaulting to email is still a habit.