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I've always been a bit confused about how to install Teams... and wondering how it should really work...


We have M365 E3 subscriptions in our company and every time I set up a new laptop, I have to download Teams and install it. Is there a way that it is installed automatically with other O365 apps? I've read that TEAMS should be installed after restart/log off and on of a user, but it does not work for me either...


Thank you.

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so... I've just installed a new laptop... and the teams was like - app preinstalled on the laptop and when I run it it asks me to "sign in" or "Get MS Teams (work or school". So I have to manually download that "work/school" teams... because when I use my work account with the pre-installed TEAMS, it informs me that work account can't be used...

I think I can simply push TEAMS via Intune (M365 apps and select teams only), but will that install "work" version of TEAMS at all?

I've been installing M365 and teams just rarely until now, so didn't mind to install it manually... But now I will be deploying it on regular basis so want to find out what is the way to deal with it :)

I would expect that I don't need to install TEAMS separately?


welcome to the Microsoft community, My name is Yakubu Suleman I'll be happy to help you today;


I understand that you have M365 E3 subscriptions in your company and every time you set up a new laptop, you have to download Teams and install it. you want to confirm if there is a way that it is installed automatically with other O365 apps


After further research and based on the Microsoft document below, I can see that this is currently on the roll out phase as seen on the screen shot below so lets just give it some time while it is being deployed fully for all tenant

Reference article: Deploy Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 Apps - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn

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